Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The weather has been absolutely "unusual", to say the least, here in Plymouth, Michigan.  We have been experiencing temperatures in the high 70's this last week...and today we reached 82 degrees on October 11, 2010!!!  Unfortunately, my body is still feeling the fatigue of summer training and I am having a hard time of putting together some good long runs.  So, on Monday I decided I would head out to Maybury State Park to test out my new camera, as well as, run a few hill repeats.  My legs felt surprisingly good - I think that the Bikram Yoga that I did earlier in the day had something to do with that.
Maybury State Park

Trail Path @ Beck Road Entrance
Trail Path

Bridge Crossing @ Sunset
This camera has got me looking fast!!!

Climbing Wedding Cake
This is Maybury's biggest hill - located between the pond and Beck Road.  It's not on the trail map, but you can access it from the Beck Road parking lot - south side.  It gets its name, because it is a three tiered hill...nothing like the Colorado Rockies, but I'll take it! 

Looked like something from the Blair Witch Project, so I left as quick as I could!!!

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