Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reaching your Potential

A mentor and good friend of mine asked me to help him with a logo for his professional practice.  The above design is in the works.  I have been working with the idea of Human Spiritual Growth that embraces the transformation of Sprit - this takes form in growing, blooming and metamorphosis.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Green Jewel 50k & what 2011 might bring

Well the Green Jewel 50k was a good test for me. This winter has been difficult for me to do the typical training needed for this distance, due to the amount of time needed to care for a 4 month old baby girl and the amount of snowfall that we have received here in Michigan.  Anyways, I went into this run with minimal training - mostly treadmill miles.  You know the routine - set the incline above 2%+...trying to simulate trails and struggling to get anything over 6 miles. My weekly mileage averaged 20-30 miles with my longest run being 15 miles the week prior to event.

My finishing time at the Green Jewel 50k was 5:03:40 and 33rd place overall.  These ultras continue to humble me and remind me that your performance is typically based on how well you respond to problems as they arise.  The problems that would arise on race day resulted from the weather - all day the temperature was cold with steady rain and wind.  This caused the course to get muddy, flood and even washout some of the pathways that we were running on. 

Around mile 10, I had to ditch the waistpack that I had been wearing at an aid station, because it was uncomfortable and weighed too much (most of the stuff in the pack were things to keep me dry and some GU's).  Approximately at mile 15, I could feel some hot spots on my feet caused from my orthotics delaminating - the remaining 21 miles I would have to take the necessary corrective measures needed to alleviate the pain in my feet.  This usually meant stopping to pull the orthotic out of my shoe, flatten it and then reinsert. 

I am confident that if the weather conditions would have been dry that the problems mentioned above would have never happened - resulting in a faster finishing time.  But then again if the conditions would have been dry, everyones' finishing time would have been faster!

At the finish of the Green Jewel 50k - Gina, Andrew, Cassie, Ken and Me

As far as what's next on the horizon...I have registered for the Pickney Trail Marathon - Scheduled for May 1st.  My main goal is to break the 4 hour mark on this course.  It's not the course record, but it would be a personal best for me.  Two years ago I ran it in 4:04.  I was lighter then, but I feel smarter, stronger and more experienced now!

2009 Trail Marathon - 4:04 - 23rd. overall

If all goes well at the Trial Marathon, it may be the confidence needed to find myself registering for the Mohican 100 in June.  Otherwise, I may have a slow build-up this spring and summer - running a hand full of 50k's and 50 milers to get me in proper conditioning and mindset needed for a successfull 100 miler in the fall.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CANTON RUN winter 2010

I am messing around with a Flip camera that I got for Christmas.  It takes really good video, but needs a stabilizer when in motion.  The software that comes with the camera is a bit glitchy.

Anyways, this is my first attempt at putting anything together.  I meshed a few running clips together and put it with some cheesy music that came with the camera.  I rate it about a 1 out of 10...with a 10 being the best.  I know I can do better - I just might have to download some better video editing software.  

Once I get a handle on this, it will be fun doing short videos of baby Kendall learning Life!