Monday, October 4, 2010

2051 & Healing

Usually I'm not a big numbers guy, but the other day I realized that I just went over the 2000 mile mark for the year!!!  Lately, my running has been very flat.  Autumn is simply my favorite time of the year - with its colors and cool crisp air and I have yet been able to enjoy an "effortless run" on the trails here in Michigan.  After the Leadville 100, I realized that I was overtrained...I was tired and I was sore.  Returning to Michigan, I took two weeks off from running.  Since then, I have been averaging about 35 miles per week -  needless to say, my body knows that it has ran 2051 miles this year.  

Last year a good friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga - I was dealing with a leg injury and I had my first 100 mile race in 3 months.  My training during that 3 month period was pretty simple...I ran about 50 miles per week and I did Bikram Yoga with Tara about twice each week.  In February, I finished my first 100 with slight discomfort to my injured leg.  In fact after Rocky, the injury seemed to have left...and since then has not returned.  Also since then, I have not been back to the Bikram Yoga Studio in Plymouth.  

...Well that is, until today - I am back, with hopes of healing my body and returning to a smarter and well balanced runner...oh yeah, and soon to be father of a baby gril!!!

Below is a video on Bikram Yoga.  I highly recommend doing it for at least three visits...and then decide if it's worth it!   

The Plymouth studio is now moving to Northville.  You can find them here -

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