Friday, September 17, 2010

Karl Meltzer - Red Bull Human Express

Pony Express Trail
The last couple of days I have been tracking Karl Meltzer as he runs the Pony Express's approximately 2,000 miles.  Back in 2009, I contacted Karl Meltzer to help me with training - that experience lead to a 5th. place finish at the Mohican 50 miler and a finish at the 2010 Rocky Raccoon 100.  Anyways, he is a pretty cool guy to talk with and knows his stuff with regards to trail running - he has won twenty-eight 100 mile runs! 

You can track Karl's progress here

Karl is being crewed by Matt Hart.  Matt just finshed 3rd. overall at the Wasatch 100.  You can follow Matt on his blog.

Here are some photos of the Human Express taken by Matt Hart.

Karl and his RV
the cool RV
Karl likes bacon
reviewing the maps
icing down after covering 50 miles on the first day

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